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Building Inspection Questions at Your Disposal

If you’ve got questions about obtaining a building permit or building inspection, you’ve come to the right place. IJD Inspections Ltd. has assembled a list of our most frequently asked questions regarding building permits in Central Alberta. Should you not find the answer to your specific question listed below, please contact us!

Q. Is a development permit the same as a building permit? 

A. No, a development permit is not the same as a building permit. A development permit allows a specific type of development on a specific parcel of land in the community to proceed with the zoning and development bylaws of the municipality. A building permit allows construction of buildings or structures to proceed on condition of compliance with the Alberta Building Code, which addresses public safety and welfare. Most types of construction projects require both a development permit and a building permit. This includes major renovations to existing buildings, as well as the construction of new buildings.

Q. Do I need a building permit? 

A. Building permits are required for construction, alteration, repair, relocation, demolition or change of occupancy of any building except for certain farm buildings and non-hazardous accessory buildings 10 square metres or less. For more information on permits, go to the Building Permits page.

Q. When are building permits required? 

A. Building permits are required under the Alberta Safety Codes Act to make sure the construction and use of the building will be safe. Building permits are required for construction, alteration, repair, relocation, demolition or change of use of any building. Certain farm buildings and non-hazardous accessory buildings under 100 square feet are exempt. All installations of modular, move-on or prefabricated homes require a building permit. If you are not sure if you need a permit for your project, call your local municipality or IJD Inspections Ltd. today.

Q. I am relocating a manufactured home onto my property, why do I need a permit when it is a factory-built home? 

A. The home is to be constructed to the CSA and Alberta Labour Standards. However, the foundation, crawl space, stairs, decks, etc. need to be inspected in accordance with the Alberta Building Code.

Q. Do I need a building permit to move a mobile home? 

A. Yes, a building permit is required for the relocation of a mobile home in order to ensure proper site preparation, foundation and anchorage.

Q. Can I request an extension on my building permit? 

A. A Safety Codes Officer may, if requested by the permit holder in writing, extend the term of the permit only once for up to 90 days, if the agency’s permit has not expired when an application for extension is made.

Q. Does my building permit cover the electrical, plumbing and gas installations? 

A. The building permit covers the structural aspect of the construction. Permits are also required for the electrical, plumbing, gas and private sewage installations.

Q. How large of a garage can I build on a slab, and, do I need a permit for that? 

A. The garage can be up to 55 square metres (approximately 600 sq. ft.) when located on a slab. Yes, you do require a building permit when building a garage.

Q. Do I require a permit to install a wood-burning stove? 

A. Yes, a building permit is required for the installation of a wood-burning stove.

Q. At what height do I require guardrails on a deck? 

A. If the deck is two feet in height from the ground, 36-inch high guardrails are required with maximum spacing of 4 inches on verticals. If the deck is greater than six feet in height from the ground, guardrails must be at least 42 inches high.

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